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Amy Peach Glove Style PuppetAdd:
Amy Peach Glove Style Puppet
Price: $39.75

This 14 inch glove style Amy puppet has a movable mouth and hands!

Armadillo PuppetAdd:
Armadillo Puppet
Price: $29.15

Artic Fox PuppetAdd:
Artic Fox Puppet
Price: $45.05

Folkmanis Artic Fox Puppet Elusive and naturally camouflaged for polar climates, the ARCTIC FOX puppet is well adapted to keep you warm when the ... more info

Axis of EvilAdd:
Axis of Evil
Price: $34.45

The Axis of Evil in a succinct package (Kim Jong Il, Khamenei, Saddam and George W.). They're finger puppets (if only they all were!) and they are ... more info

Baboon PuppetAdd:
Baboon Puppet
Price: $53.00

An "Old World Monkey", this Baboon Puppet is fashioned in gorgeous soft feathery plush with its distinctive hind quarters in pink suede ... more info

Baby Chimpanzee PuppetAdd:
Baby Chimpanzee Puppet
Price: $38.42

Baby Dragon PuppetAdd:
Baby Dragon Puppet
Price: $39.75

Baby Platypus PuppetAdd:
Baby Platypus Puppet
Price: $34.45

Folkmanis Baby Platypus The unique BABY PLATYPUS puppet is a curious-looking animal with webbed feet, furry beaver tail and a smooch-able, puckered ... more info

Baby Sloth PuppetAdd:
Baby Sloth Puppet
Price: $47.70

Barbara Black Full Body PuppetAdd:
Barbara Black Full Body Puppet
Price: $72.87

This NEW fullbody Barbara puppet stands 25 inches tall and comes dressed as shown. Puppets wear child size 2T clothes. Insert your hand into the slot ... more info

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